Become A Caterer

If you are reacy to start you own catering business (click here)

Loving to cook and having the ability to plan successful parties is a good start. But, there is a lot more to being a caterer than that.

Skills Needed

Cooking - ability to cook without recipes, ability to taste and visualize a dish by reading a recipe, arrange food in an appetizing manner. Can you put together a menu?

Management - Hiring & managing Staff

Problem solver - Be creative and resourceful under stress.

Financing - Set a budget & follow it.

Marketing - Be able to market yourself and your business. A good marketing plan that is well written with specific goals will keep you on track.

Although you need not attend a college or cooking school, the benefits of attending a cooking school are that it can teach you how to run a commercial kitchen and also afford you experience and practice preparing meals for other culinary students and staff.

Apprenticeships allow you to work with a successful caterer and learn the tricks of the trade. You will learn where to buy supplies and specialty items needed for an event. It also gives you an opportunity to network with others in the business. You will also have the opportunity to see what can go wrong and how to plan for it the next time.

Types of Catering

Event Catering
Event catering ranges from box-lunch drop-off to full-service catering.

Airline Catering - Preparing box lunches for airline companies.

Hotel Catering - Cater banquets, meetings and events in hotels.

Ship Catering - Meetings and Events on cruise liners and other ships.


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